Robocraft YouTubers in Space is a jam packed, old school 2d shooter where you play as RC YouTubers fighting a world of squidies, Shurikens, Cute Bunnies, and even a huge bomber that will plasma you.


Move: W,A,S,D
Shoot: Spacebar
Pause Menu: Press "Esc" when in a level
Enter Promo Code: Press "/" in the Main Menu
View YouTuber's Channel: "Shift" + Click when hovering YouTuber
Reset Account: Press the left "Ctrl" + "R" to open menu (This will erase everything including unlocks and stats)

Download Links

Windows Version (v0.5)

Mac Version (v0.5)

Linux Version (v0.5)

Patch Note v0.5

To make things easier to read. Notes are divided into 3 categories. Gameplay, Main Menu, and Stats. Enjoy the reading!


- Added 4 New Bosses all with unique attacks and levels for each boss
- Added 25 New Characters all with unique stats
- Added 9 New Enemy Types with varying stats, movement, and projectiles
- New Overdrive powerup which gives 2x Damage for 10 seconds
- New Max Energy powerup which refills your energy
- New Power meter mechanic which incorporates the Energy feature
- Updated Baerentoeter's 3rd attack with a ban hammer >:D
- Added a pause screen when the player hits "ESC" on the keyboard
- Added pause features of Restart and Quit Level
- Added check power meter amount when the player hits "Shift" on the keyboard
- Updated Robit UI to display Multiplier when collecting the Robit powerup
- Added image of the perks unlocked which achieved
- Added Tech Points Earned to stat screen. Tech Points is awarded by 10% of Total Kills
- Updated Health Scaling for enemies based on the Level. Level 1 has 1x hp and Level 5 has 2x hp. (This does not include difficulty multiplier)
- Updated Player Level cap to 100
- Added Sound Effects to Tesla hits
- Lowered Xp ratio on Enemies (Previously, you could gain 3+ levels even at high player levels)

Main Menu

- Updated Main Menu with proper logo
- Updated selection screen to have "Edit Loadout" rather than having Character Select and Perks separate
- Added a new currency known as Tech Points. This is used to unlock characters.
- Updated Character Screen with new UI elements
- Modified Perks with some new perks. RIP Lock-On and that one other perk I completely forgot
- Added new Badge Screen for purchasing badges
- Added 200 New Badges all with a unique bio when hovering the badge
- Added a RoboCursor to replace mouse pointer
- Added Stats menu to give the player in-depth stats
- Added unique sound effects when selecting certain characters. (Unlock Kioller and you will see what I mean)
- Added difficulty to Level Selection screen. Difficulty affects health of enemies from easy to hard by 40/100/160%. No extra rewards for playing higher difficulty yet.
- Added Settings which can be accessed on the top right below the currency UI. This contains Volume Control for Speech, Music, and Sound Effects as well as Frames per Second modifiers.
- Added Promo Code inputs. You can press "/" to open the Promo Code UI which will be displayed on the top left


- New stat variables added to all characters which can be seen when hovering characters under Edit Loadout. Variables include Base Damage, RPM (Rounds per minute aka Fire Rate), Max Energy, Special Trait, Energy Rate, Projectile Type, and Secondary weapon (included on certain characters)
- Purchasing Badges applies total buffs based on type of badge. Red = Damage, Green = Fire Rate, Blue = Max Energy, Purple = Recharge Rate
- [Bosses currently have invincibility due to work in progress with colliders]
- Adjust respawn rates, powerup rates, and wave types
- Updated Tesla Damage to scale with Base Damage
- Updated GARY to not be OP on Bosses. He has a 0.001% chance to instantly kill a boss. (that's 1 out of 1,000 projectiles)

Patch Note v0.3

- Updated Main Menu Logo
- Updated Robot Engine avatar
- Updated Baerentoeter's B42 to B2 Baerentoeter (sorry boss man D:)
- Fixed Perk bought bug where players didn't have to buy perks on reset accounts
- Fix Boss Level spawning in the beginning of the level

Patch Note v0.2

- Fixed Frommy and AnuBius bug
- Added Hard Reset option to reset to Level 1 (use Ctrl+T in the main menu)