Projects are random things I want to work on and are considered large. There is no particular order, but more of a wide scope of what I am currently working on. As projects are completed, this page will update with links to that project.

"Megas are Back" parody< video/p>

With Megabots back in the light, I want to release a parody about its glory. My past "Mega Still Alive" video was a funny project that end up being something a lot of people enjoyed. I feel this would be another fun project that can be challenging and entertaining. Still need the software to recreated CRAY's voice which will take time. Supports on Patreon are helping with this.

Robomon (PC game)

This is a game where Robocraft transform into a Pokemon world where gameplay is that of an RPG and where old bots meets new. This was a long requested game after the release of Robocraft YouTubers in Space. Although teased/delayed, the project has recently kicked back into development. With proper permissions, Robomon will be born! (Thank Frommy for nagging me :P)

Pizza Simulator (PC game)

Ever wanted to make pizza so perfect that only you would eat it? Of course you would. That's why there is a pizza simulator where you get to eat pizza. Points are awarded by, you guessed it, eating pizza. This simulation is for fun and will have Robocraft related context such as Robit toppings, pinea--- I mean, lots of good stuff! Hmmmm