My 2nd Post Ever!

September 3, 2016

Hello there. I have finally taken time to update several things throughout the website as well bringing you more in-depth context on what's on my mind.

Real Talk

My life has been exploding with love. I am married to a woman I have been with for over 8 years and we have somewhat finished preparing our new room together. I still live in my parents house, she just moved in with me to our new room which was previously the game room. It is close to a month since the marriage and I want to thank you for being patient. I was very inactive and wanted to make sure everything was going as planned and hundreds of you are still around and continuing to like my content which I very much appreciate.

Upcoming Videos Webpage

When releasing videos, I usually don't plan a month in advanced, but I feel like this would be good practice to keep you informed. For this, I have created the new Upcoming Videos tab to give you a vision of what is to come. Requests are now hidden, but will still pop up during the video intro if anyone requested it via comments on YouTube.

Keeping Focused

I will be kind of rusty on current videos since I haven't made a good video in like a month. By rusty, I mean my voice, scripting, and reseaching will not be as quick. I will get my skillz back, it just will take time.

Free Space Crew Shirts

Here's a gift from me and my wife to you. During the Space AMA II video, I will be announcing a give-away so you will have a chance at getting some Space shirts without paying a single dime. The Shirt as well as Shipping and handling will be paid by me, SpaceKryptonite. These shirts are different from the merch tab since they will have my signature and your choice of words and color. Sadly, I only have sizes Small, Medium, and Large only.

Last Comments

Keep the love and support coming for every word of positivity motivates me to do better and to keep my hopes high. Spreading the word and making sure I keep my head on the right path is all I ask for. I am happy and excited to see that I have made a lot of friends through making these videos and hope to make many more. Thank you.

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